email marketing

Newsletters, Special Offers, Updates. . . if it involves sending an email to many individuals it is a form of Email Marketing.

HTML Email Design

We have all received emails that look like web pages with great colors and images. Waterwheel can design these emails so that they

  • load very quickly
  • deliver your message
  • get great click-through results
  • match your company identity
  • and look great

Importantly we can also ensure that your emails comply with Australia’s Anti-Spam Laws

Statistics & Tracking

Waterwheel Creative uses dedicated software to deliver promotional emails and manage the results including-

  • click through analysis
  • forwards to friends
  • bounced emails
  • and much more.

Why can’t I just send from my email account?

It’s tempting to type out an email and just “send to all” but an email addressed to a large number of recipients will frequently be blocked as spam or end up in the the “junk email” folder.

It also may disgruntle your clients because you are basically sending their email address out to everybody else exposing them to more spam.

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