Oracle Taleo WordPress Integration

Display your Oracle Taleo jobs on your own WordPress website

Our “Custom Job Board” for Taleo Enterprise Edition redesigns the job search experience for your applicants. The interface can be built into your existing careers website to replace the native Taleo job search.


  • Embed job boards into any page on your website
  • Pre-filter job boards by department, location, etc
  • Add a job counter to you home page, header, footer
  • Integrate a search bar in your header or footer


  • simple wordpress plugin
  • lighting fast job search
  • responsive (mobile) layouts
  • integrated search bar
  • integrated job count

Developer Info:

  • no iFrames
  • customizable CSS (bones or XXXXX)
  • Compatible with popular frameworks (bones, bootstrap, skeleton, grid)
  • simple wordpress shortcodes
  • complete documentation

How it works:

Our TaleoBranding API Connector is a middle tier application to process job data from Taleo’s Web Service, an API that enables other applications to access job data. This enables us to display jobs on a your responsive WordPress website.

  1. request specific data from your Oracle Taleo’s “Web Services” for your Careers Sections
  2. our “Taleo Connector” processes all of your current jobs at regular intervals
  3. Install our “Custom Job Board” plug-in to display the jobs on your own website