The best & smartest candidates are tech savvy and Taleo’s standard career section is leaving a very poor first impression of your company.

Taleo allows your HR team to customise the “Corporate Theme” and “Branding File” but it’s not enough – with over 6000 businesses and enterprises using Taleo potential employees recognise the outdated layout a mile away.

Waterwheel Creative has developed a method to “hack” Taleo’s layout and styles.

Throughout the entire application process it is possible to use the same style of fonts, colours, buttons, tables and forms as your careers or corporate website.


  • custom branding

    match your organisation's career website and branding guidelines

  • unique design

    differentiate your job board from your competitors

  • mobile compatible

    Over 60% of all job searches are on mobile devices

  • modern standards

    apply modern styles and effects (HTML5 & CSS3)